Self-Promotion – Writing Richie Rich Comics

Buddy Scalera with Richie Rich #5

Buddy Scalera with Richie Rich #5

Storytelling. It’s more than just an abstract concept. It’s something that we all do. In my case, I occasionally write comic book stories.

So here’s a bit of shameless self-promotion. It’s still about marketing and creativity, except it’s about the other creative stuff that I do. In this case, I am currently writing the Richie Rich comic book series.

As a kid growing up, I absolutely loved the Richie Rich comics. The fantasy of limitless wealth, cool gadgets, and the most awesome butler in the world was a dream for a kid like me. Even when I grew up and became “too cool” for comic books, I held on to my modest collection of Richie Rich comics. By good fortune (and some good friends at Ape Entertainment), I managed to write some issues of Richie Rich.

The links below give you a sense of what I’ve been doing outside of marketing. I hope you check out a few of the reviews…and the comic books, of course!


COMIC BOOKS – My issues include Richie Rich #2, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8

Anyway, thanks for checking out this post and please share the links with people who might enjoy reading some all-ages comic books.

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  • Danmas65

    pee wee friendly, “friendly” being the last name of freckles and pee wee, never spoked , but he would whisper to freckles, why did you make him speak??  richie rich was the first comic book i collected when i started to read comic books back in 1972, and plans of reintroducing jackie jokers?

  • Danmas64

    but honeslty it is great to see richie rich back in print, brings back fond memories, of walking to 7-11 with a buck , buying a couple of richie rich comics , and an icee . what a great summer!